walk to the store



Daily Prompt: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/desert/

The store was about 400 metres away. In the town centre. Precisley centre, as the entry to the store faced the centre of the intersection. The only intersection in town, where two wide slabs of asphalt met to form a cross on an otherwise endless desert, unmarked by the human hand, nor by natures immagination.

The road was so wide, that looking at it, one straight away made a comparison to a football field – almost like a football field. Everything out here inspired a feeling of infinite, endless space. Whatever we, people put up, always seemed small, insignificant and fragile. The desert would eventually swallow up everything, leaving only the bigger, sturdier buildings standing, ghost-like in the middle of nowhere, beaten by the sun and sand.

The side of the road cracked, and crumbled, blended with dusty gravel, and the omnipresent orange dirt. He walked slowly. The sun was now spread across the entire sky. The brightness and the heat made walking unbearable. He was used to it, but it still made him tired. He had an old straw hat on his head, a thin and loose, cotton shirt, wide open on the chest, and a pair of  red, rag pants. Old worn sandals protected his feet from the frypan that was the ground.

There was no one in the street. The shades were drawn in the diner. He did not look towards the pub, it was too long a walk, and besides he had different plans for the afternoon. He pushed the door to the store open, and was ushered in by the welcoming sound of the bell. The store was hot, stuffy and dark, but offered some respite from the tortorous sun.

 “G’day Bill” he said as he made his way to the counter “No one around I see? Anyone come in here?”.

“G’day” the store keeper replied “Nah, it’s been a quiet morning. I don’t blame them with this heat. What are you after mate?”

“I will get some ginger beer and a few of them apples you had the other day” he replied.

“We got bread and rolls delivered about an hour ago. Want some?” the store keeper asked in reply moving towards the drinks shelf.

“Fresh hah? Yeah, I may as well grab few of those white rolls.” he replied thinking to him self – “we have to eat something”.

He paid the man, picked up his bag and walked back out into the scorching heat. Nothing had changed out there, no one around. Nothing happening. He shook his head, and smiled at the same time. “Why am I still here?” he thought to himself. And started walking towards the house, towards the outskirts of town.


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