Past Travels and Life’s Tales


Big cup of steamnig, strong black coffee on the table, blinds still drawn, a cold and wet day outside. It’s still early in the morning. Quiet.I always look forward to these quiet early starts on my days off. This is the moment I sometimes try to write. Lately I have been trying my hand at some fiction. The idea was to try writing some dialogue, and also, importantly, get out of my head a little. Mulling over and milling around ideas and concepts, over and over in your head can be tiresome. Fiction gets me writing, just putting words on the page and running with the story. This is important in developing a habit of writing. I have done this with running and fitness in the past, so I know this is a good approach. Find time and space, and force your self to write, even when you doubt yourself, your skills and … well, generally everything. Just write. After a while it becomes a habit. You no longer have to force yourself, as it is something you need, crave and can not live without – like coffee. So thats habit and routine.

As I have written on this blog a few posts back, routine is good but it does not necessarily help creativity and it can sometimes be a little of a ‘kill joy’. There is little point writing if it does not bring out your creative side, and if it is not enjoyable. So every so often we need to ‘refresh’. Just stop and look at the big picture – what are we trying to do? Where are we going with this? This is vital to stay focused and enjoy what we are doing.

So … Stop. What is the big picture? What is the idea of OnTheBarge? A little while ago I wrote this passage on the About page:

Imagine yourself living on a weathered, worn and humbled barge posing as a hotel, in the backstreets of a restless, hot and dusty city, with an eclectic and colourful group of guests from all walks. Where conversations center around life’s tales, those of glory and defeat, where politics and revolutions are discussed in real and lively words and where the world seems truly a small place and it’s people a large tribe.

Writing the blog would be so much easier if I was constantly travelling. Or if I did actually live on an old barge somewhere with an exotic address, somewhere where it is hot and humid. Well, I have been living in Sydney for the past 9 months, of which the last 3 have been coldish, little wet and dark, if we consider the short days. With the start of spring waiting in the wings, it is time to plan some travels and get exploring. This is something to look forward to, but Onthebarge is also about imagination and reliving something – life’s tales. With that said let’s use the imagination and tell those tales of endless adventure and ‘on the road’ experiences. From the tavernas of Crete and hotels of Istambul, to the road-side motels of Australia.

On the river
Live-on barge, Mekong, Laos


Old Town Square, Wroclaw, Poland
Road house and Motel, Pimba, South Australia 

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