Imagine yourself living on a weathered, worn and humbled barge posing as a hotel, in the backstreets of a restless, hot and dusty city, with an eclectic and colourful group of guests from all walks. Where conversations center around life’s tales, those of glory and defeat, where politics and revolutions are discussed in real and lively words and where the world seems truly a small place and it’s people a large tribe.

The title of this blog is an ode to the mesmerising opening paragraphs, of Ryszard Kapuscinski’s “The Soccer War”. I have read those lines a thousand times. It is essentially an introduction to a great book about a tumultuous time in Africa, when young nations were born, and aspiring leaders tested their abilities and their people. Kapuscinski lives on a barge in the backstreets of exotic, humid, and restless Accra. The barge is essentially a hotel, Hotel Metropol. A hotel with a few permanent residents, all of whom have a story, a life’s tale. There are just so many reasons why I like these paragraphs and the book as a whole.

It is in the spirit of living on such a barge that this blog will discuss life’s tales, questions and few answers, travels and general ramblings.


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