Moments to savour


The bright, warm rays of sun sneak through beneath the blinds. There is a promising snippet of a blue sky fighting through, round the edges of the covered window. After three days spent inside a factory, it is a great feeling to wake up to a bright, warm room, with the luxury of ambivalence towards the usually daunting sound of the alarm clock. Ambivalence, because staying in bed for a few more moments is a pleasure uncommon in the daily routine, but getting up early, and before anyone else does, allows for a celebratory cup of strong, black coffee and few moments to savour the quietness of the early morning.

Three days, three long, twelve hour shifts inside a loud, airless factory. No, I am not complaining and it is not as bad as it sounds. It’s tedious work, sometimes physically demanding, at other times it drags on and one is left alone with their thoughts. Come clock-off time, I rejoin the world and am keen to find out what has been happening.

So what has happened in those three days?

I can not resist making a comment regarding the appointment of Boris Johnson to the role of Foreign Secretery in the UK. I could not believe when I saw the news. It seems that the appointment was a suprise to the media and, no doubt to foreign affairs representatives of many nations. I do not know enough about the man’s accomplishments as the Mayor of London, however it is certain he was one of the key figures in the Brexit campaign, an accomplished globetrotter and … a menace in his service to his nation. It is baffling to me how a man who has absolutely no background in international relations, who is a brazen opportunist and an offensive loud-mouth can represent a great nation, a former empire, in the sensitive and intertwined realm of international affairs. He has offended people, nations and major leaders. He is seen as untrustworthy and unprofessional. He may have his talents, he may be influencial and have a ‘feel’ for the celebrity world, I do have an appreciation for the ‘self-made man’, those flamboyant, charismatic and brave people that make something of themsleves, make great fortunes or acquire a significant social standing, but not at the expense of normal people who are vulnerable in seeking simple answeres to complex realities, not at the expense of public trust nor international stability. This is not the right place for such a man.

The complex realities, I use a plural as these are different for different people around the globe, are very, very complex. In the past week the world has watched TV footage of the dramatic, tragic events in Nice. So many lives, so much pain and anguish. From Nice to Ankara, where the Turkish President was almost ousted in an attempted cout d’etat, an event sure to destabilise the region and perhaps create tensions in NATO.

As I am finishing this post the sun is again high up in the sky, its a fantastically warm day, but a week has gone past in a flash. Two short, wonderful moments, and a week inbetween. Just a reminder that moments are there to be savoured.