Long and short of travelling in Australia

Bobbin Head, Sydney

When you consider travelling in Australia, you are faced with the problem of distance, which for most also translates into a time problem. Covering distances of 3000kms, 1000km or perhaps a broken up itinerary requiring a regular 300kms daily dose of nursing that hot steering wheel, is demanding, and it can be a little off putting when planning your travels. Let’s face it, it is not common to have months at your disposal for that ultimate Aussie adventure. Well, I think I have good news for all those planning travels Down Under – there is lots to see and do in each little piece of this fantastic country! So instead of skipping all across this vast land, just plan to concentrate on one specific area. This way you will be able to see all the local attractions, discover a few amazing spots of your own, spend some time marvelling at the various masterpieces provided by nature, and listen and read all the stories of the local populations, the Indigenous myths and stories of Dreamtime, the tales of explorers, settlers, adventurers and Aussie larrikins.

Ford Street – main street in Beechworth
Sunset over the endless beach at Nambucca Heads (480kms north of Sydney)


Narrabeen Beach, Sydney

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