One-on-one with music


music-25663_960_720Music has such power that we should make great effort not to treat it as background noise. Listening to playlists while running, working out or doing some tedious task. Listening to the radio while cleaning the apartment, or while driving or simply having the music on in the background in the midst of the daily routine. This is often what we do. And we miss out. The potential passes us by.

Music soothes the soul. Calms the nerves. Comforts. Relieves.

Music ignites dreams. Inspires. Takes us away elsewhere.

Music uplifts. Motivates. Gives us energy.

All we need is to stop and actually listen to it. Feel it and live it with all our senses. Long ago, I thought that this would be a great pleasure and a certain sign that you are in control of your life. The ability to sit in a chair, put the stereo on, headphones or speakers, and do nothing but sit there and listen to THAT music. Music you have choosen for that moment. Not any random music. Not the radio. THAT music. Your music.

This would also mean that you know music. You know exactly what you want to listen to. So you don’t have to think “Oh what was that song?!”, but you know that at this moment you want Johnny Cash’s American Recordings, or maybe Sinatra’s “My Way”, or something from the classical drawer or maybe it will be the lonesome sounds of the Deep South, and some sad-sounding blues. Music answers wonderfully to our moods.

I still think that listening to music like that, with so much attention – like nothing in the world mattered, like it was the last time you are going to hear that song – that is a indulgence we should seek. I have not gotten there yet, but I will.